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Our Services

How we make your masonry dreams a reality. substantiate Explore our various services and how we provide you with nothing but the best. Ensuring great customer service, excellent products, guidance and perfect delivery.

Our Services

Stone Entrances аdvise What type of stone do I pick? Where do I by these materials and what are the best options? What sizes should I pick? Make a great first impression and accent the front of your house. At Spataro Masonry we will create the most impactful finishes and use products that will compliment your home and make sure your money is well spent.

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Custom Homes

share What stone or brick do I pick? Do I want precast or keystones? What mortar colour do I want? We know it can be overwhelming when it comes to making decisions about products and what design options are available. As custom home specialists we will guide you in this process and create a budget you can be certain will be achieved.

Stone Fireplaces

proscar uk value What can’t I do with my fireplace? How can I design it? What materials do I pick? We are your one stop shop that will take care of the uncertainties of a project. We will help guide and educate you about the process of design, picking of the materials and the process that will be involved to perform the work.

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