click this over here now Are you in a relationship with someone who has anxiety, OCD and panic attacks and you don't know how to help them?
Do you have mental health in your relationship and are afraid of letting your partner know because you don't want to look weak?
Hi it's Sam & Gina Spataro,
In this video Sam discusses his personal experiences of dealing with anxiety/panic attacks while being in a relationship. I Gina Spataro share insight's how you can be there for your partner compassionately and non judgmentally.
Please share this video as mental health today is increasing at rapid pace and their is someone this moment who is considering taking their life.
Sam & Gina Spataro
The Relationship Series
Matters of the heart and mindAre you in a relationship experiencing anxiety, panic attacks or depression? Are you losing connection, feeling helpless to overcome the overwhelming feeling...
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View on Facebook Project: Interior fireplace.
Material: Coronado stone
Style: Tuscan Villa

This project was done for a Viceroy dealer. The owner was a nice guy but I could see the future of his business was in jeopardy. He is now out of business.

Are you having a bad experience with a builder or masonry contractor? Show them this post here are a few tips that can save or help their business and your experience.

Be ACCOUNTABLE. When it comes to your employees or customer experiences you the owner are resposnible for everything. That is the greatest attribute of a leader being accountable.

INVEST in yourself. Go to business seminars, listen to audios or watch videos. You can't grow your business until you grow. They say 80% of business is psychology and 20% is the mechanics. The strangle hold is you so lets get growing.

The customer EXPERIENCE. Take a minute and ask yourself if I had the greatest customer experience what would that feel and look like. Then incorporate some of those findings in your own business practice.

If you are struggling with solving business problems or are having a bad experience with a builder or trade. You can reach me at https// for some coaching or consulting.

Spataro Masonry Inc. specializes in making your masonry dreams a reality.

Sam Spataro
Spataro Masonry Inc.
311 Elizabeth St., Alliston ON L9R 1V1
Instagram: spataromasonry76

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more tips here Photo

View on Facebook Happy Restorative Day!

This fireplace was a lot of fun. The fireplace is my brother in Slaws house. He was doing a renovation and decided he wanted to reface the fireplace. We took the existing stone down, cleaned it and installed it again with tighter mortar joints and adding tiger strip jumpers to accent the smaller pieces.

Are you bored of seeing the same fireplace? Maybe be it just needs to be freshened up.

Give us a call for a free estimate.

Spataro Masonry Inc. specializes in making your masonry dreams a reality!

Keep smiling,

Spataro Masonry Inc.

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Happy HUMP day!

Here is custom home we did a few years back. There is a funny story attached this one. One day we were installing stone at the back of the house. All off a sudden we could hear MOOing sounds. The next thing you know the site was littered with cows. They got loose from the farmer up the road we all couldn't stop laughing.

This project is in Orillia, ON. The material was supplied by Brampton Brick in Hillsdale. The material used is called Century Stone.

If your are building a house I know how confusing it can be to pick out a material that will suite your home and be on budget. Spataro Masonry Inc. can help you save time and money by showing you specific choices that will work with your other exterior finishes. Also we will show you a variety of stone options that will help you stay on budget.

Spataro Masonry Inc. has just teamed up with affiliate partner that will now allow us to take on all exterior finishes for clients. This will result in saving time, money, less trades and suppliers to pay and deal with. Most importantly there value we will create for our customers will not be matched.

Call us for a free Consultation.

Spataro Masonry Inc. specializes in making your masonry dreams a reality.

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This is one of my favourite fireplaces. It is a dry stacked Coronado stone and the style is tuscan Villa.

The fireplace is in our first home we built. We had tonnes of great memories there. This was our dog Bella a pure breed lab. At the time our daughter was not feeling so great. As a last resort we thought she could have been allergic so we gave her away. This picture represents a mixed bag of emotions. A lot of fond memories and a little unease because Bella isn't with us.

I remember a time she got loose outside. My best friend and I spent all afternoon trying to catch her. She would sit in. the driveway across the road and watch us come near and then she would run like a leopard lol.

If you, friend, family member or colleague know someone who wants some masonry work done. A referral is always appreciated.

Spataro Masonry Inc. specializes in making your masonry dreams a reality.

Sam Spataro
Google: Spataro Masonry Inc.
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